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  • Hyperboards has been very good to me. If I have an issue the staff promptly attends to it. What I think puts Hyperboards ahead of everyone else is the staff. I have never seen a more helpful crew. I have much love for Hyperboards and the people behind the scenes making it better everyday.
    ― Bassguy
    HB Member
  • The Hyperboards community has became "online melting pot". Hyperboards gives forums the foundation they need for their ideas to materialize. Not only do they give foundation but they provide FREE support services to help you learn and expand your ideas. This kind of service provides oppurtunities for individuals who don't know the difference between English and HTML to start their own online community. Hyperboards will always give you its best.
    ― Viktorix
    HB Member
  • I literally started using Hyperboards two days ago, and in that time I've been profoundly impressed with how up-to-date their service is. It's nice to have that little bit extra when configuring your forum. It's everything I always dreamed of in one little package. Good luck for the future, HyperBoards.
    ― Mucleus
    HB Member